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    Nesting Variables with parameters

      I'm trying to pass the results of a variable with parameters to another variable having parameters but I can't quite get it to work.  I have this 2 variables which work when they are not nested.


      eNetScenMV = Sum ({$<$(vMonthEnd), [Account Type]=, [Scenario]={$1}>} [#Market Value Usd])

           usage: $( eNetScenMV("PC1-") )


      eSumOfSquares = sqrt( sqr($1) + sqr($2) + sqr($3) )

           usage $( eSumOfSquares(1, 2, 3) )


      I need to use the results of eNetScenMV as parameters to eSumOfSquares like so in a TEXT object:

      =$(eSumOfSquares($(eNetScenMV("PC1-")), $(eNetScenMV("PC2-")), $(eNetScenMV("PC3+"))))


      When I do this I get an "Error in Set Modifier Expression".  I've tried a number of things but cannot get it to work.  I appreciate any help on this.