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    Allowing user to select two years to compare in a bar chart?

      Hello QlikView experts!


      Following on my previous question (Comparing 2 consecutive years - Charts showing changes between 2 years) I'm now struggling with creating a slightly different chart using the same data.


      I have school attainment data (many students, several different measures) for 4 years and would like to have a bar chart showing the differences between any two years which the user will select. I started by doing a set of text boxes that each would select 'year 1' and 'year 2' (using variables) and I was thinking to include these variables in the expressions but only once I did this I realized there is no connection to the actual year data....


      I'm attaching an empty qvd file - just with the example data - and would greatly appreciate your help.


      Thank you very much in advance,