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    IE Plugin Loads work on Client instead of Server

    Luca Cavallari

      Hello Everyone,

      i'm experiencing some trouble in an application distributed to various users in a large company. (this means that OS and Browser Versions may vary from user to user).


      This application needs to export some graphs and tables in a PowerPoint Sheet, so a macro has been set up to do the job.

      Problem is we need to export a Scatter Chart that draws thousands of points, which works good as long as we use the client version on the Qlikview Server to develop the application (since the server has a good hardware configuration to take up all the needed load), but it seems like the local client machine takes the load of all the calculation and runs out of memory when we run the macro via IE Plugin.


      From task manager (client machine) we see internet explorer process increasing memory usage quickly after we try to calculate that graph. This doesn't happen if we open the application using the AJAX client, the graph is calculated correctly and we can see it, but the problem with AJAX is that it doesn't let us run the macro to export to PPT.


      Does anyone have a solution for this?

      Why does IE Plugin behave like that?


      Tried on QV Server 11.20 SR1 and also SR6


      Thanks in advance,