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    how do I determine why refresh is crashing?

      Not sure if SCRIPTING is the right forum to put this in, but it occurred after a scripting change.


      I have changed a dashboard qvw to pull one of its joins from a different source.


      When I go to refresh, it goes through all the code, brings up the window that asks me to choose fields to show on the window, but most of the time just hangs there with the little circle spinning.  1 out of 10 times it might run all the way through.


      It will say "Not Responding" sometimes on its own, or it will certainly say that if I try to close that window.


      When I shut the dashboard and reopen it, the data HAS been refreshed, but it just won't run from beginning to end without hanging in the same spot most of the time.


      I checked the log file and didn't see anything amiss.


      Any ideas how to sort this out or where to start looking?  Thanks.