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    Distributing a document with Section Access

    Jens Frederik Kristiansen

      I've a issue distributing a document that contains Section Access using Publisher. The distributed document can only be accessed by users having the same access rights as Publishers' service user.


      The Section Access is structured as in below example.

      Section Access;

      LOAD * INLINE [


          Admin, QVService, ALL

          user, NTNAME1, DK

          user, NTNAME2, NO

          user, NTNAME3, SE



      Section Application;


      Star is *;



      LOAD * INLINE [

          ROLE, CompanyID

          ALL, *

          DK, 1

          NO, 2

          SE, 3

          FI, 4


      The QVService user can access all data. If the document is only reloaded, everything works fine. However, when the document is distributed to either QlikView Server or Folder, the UserAccess table is reduced to only contain a single row



      Whenever a user, who does not belong to the Role ALL, now tries to open the document, access is denied.

      The document has enabled 'Initial Data reduction based on Section Access' and 'Strict Exclusion'.


      How would you suggest overcoming the issue? For me it seems that Publisher and Section Access does work very well together!