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    Reverse a Horizontal Bar Chart.

    Peterjohn Griffiths


      I am new to Qlikview so please go easy.

      As I have had no luck with the Parallel Coordinate chart, I thought I would use two bar charts to show the number of calls assigned in and out of a team instead.

      To do this I need to reverse a horizontal bar chart for one half of my data.

      I need the Dimension Axes on the right and the Bars to run from right to left.

      I have attached an image to show what I mean, I created this in Ms Paint so you can see what I am after.

      The first chart is normal and the second chart is what I want to achieve.

      Is there any way to do this as I have been looking for a couple of hours now with no joy

      Many thanks.

      Qlikview Reverse Horizontal Bar Chart.png