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    How to evenly distribute random values to agents

    Darrin Pilkington

      I have for example 20 agents and 10,000+ accounts I want them to be working on.  The accounts very in the type.  I am trying to randomly assign and even amount to each person. 

      Also, the number of agents can change per day.


      I feel like Tresesco's idea might get me close.  Pick() random order

      Possibly replace RecNo() As DoorNo with the Account# and DoorPrize with the Agents but how to get an even spread of accounts per agent.



           RecNo() As DoorNo,
           Pick(RecNo(),'Car','Goat','Goat') as DoorPrize
           AutoGenerate 3;

             Concat(DoorNo, ';', Rand()) as DoorNo2               // This one is the trick
      Resident Tab1;

      Let vDoors=Peek('DoorNo2');

      SubField('$(vDoors)', ';', RecNo()) & '|' & DoorPrize as Door
      Resident  Tab1;

      Drop Tables Tab1, Tab2;


      Thanks for your help.

        • Re: How to evenly distribute random values to agents

          Hi Darrin


          I've not looked at tresecco's idea but this is how I would do it


          - Start by adding random numbers to the accounts

          Accounts: Load rowno() as AccNo, rand() as RandNo AutoGenerate(12345);


          - Add a "Random" integer from 1 to the total number of rows by sorting by the random number, and adding the rownumber:


          Load AccNo,  Rowno() as Rank resident Accounts order by RandNo;


          - Work out how many Accounts each agent needs, put this in a variable:

          let vNumAgents = 20;

          let vNumAccounts = NoOfRows('Accounts');

          let vFactor= $(vNumAccounts)/$(vNumAgents);


          - Divide the random "Rank" integer in the accounts table by this figure and round up to get the number for the Agent.


          Load AccNo, ceil(Rank/$(vFactor),1) as AgentNo resident Accounts_Sorted;


          You will now have 20 agents allocated randomly to 12345 accounts, this can change each day!


          Is this what you need?