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    Can i access Qlikview Charts from a Java Batch program?


      i am quite new to the tool and forum and was trying to find some information.



      Basically we are building a few dashboards on QV and the users have now requested that the information be sent via Email. The requirement is for a Batch program to generate a email at a predfined time everyday and mail it to the users. The Email should be a rich text mail showing the graphs and associated Data (although no drill down/filtering will be possible ).



      We are having some Java expertise in the team and hence wanted to build this feature as a standalone Java Program that can be invoked via say a unix Cron job.



      On looking at the QV APIs available to access the charts and Data i see that there is a Java script API made available by QV.

      However i am not clear on how this JS API can be used in the above mentioned Java Program?  (As i assume that the JS Engines required for the API to work are only browser based?)



      Any ideas on how i could proceed on this ?



      does anyone else have experience on a similar functionality in their projects ?