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    Count rows in pivot table

      Hi community,

      There has been several discussion threads on counting rows in pivot tables but none that I can find to answer my question which I think is fairly simple.


      I want to count the number of rows that are only in the Y axis of the pivot chart.  My chart is dynamic and can have multiple numbers of dimensions.  All the threads I've read are able to count the rows if the number of dimensions is always static.  In the image below, I have two dimensions (remember that I could have any number of dimensions from 1 to N).  The total number of rows is 9.  How can I do this?


      qlikview image.png



      Note that I want to ignore the dimensions on the X axis.  See the image below.  There are still only 9 rows on the Y axis.  How do I do it so that the counting only applies to the Y axis?  What I'm trying to do is count the rows so that I can then put a condition on the object to hide the chart if there are too many rows returned or to limit the number of rows that will be returned.

      qlikview image.png