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    Just need confirmation

    Cory Griffiths

      Here is just one line of code that I am doing an average on for days open. This will only calculate if there are dates in the field correct? Or is this calculating all the time and going to skew my number?


      =SUM([Closed Date]-[Claim Date])/Count(DISTINCT [Claimant ID])       // Avd days 1


      Case Type Avg Days Open 1 Avg Days Open 2 Avg Days Open 3 TOTAL AVG DAY OPEN
      Field Case Management140.4618.03158.49
      Incident Only8.670.008.67
      Not Specified3.670.003.67
      TCM - Hourly244.0715.76259.84
      Telephonic Case Management42.830.9543.77
      TRIAGE-CS-LEVEL 25.670.005.67
      TRIAGE-CS-LEVEL 36.330.006.33
      TRIAGE-HCSG-LEVEL 16.400.006.40
      TRIAGE-HCSG-LEVEL 27.730.007.73
      TOTAL AVG 49.54 1.86 51.40


      This is what it is currently spitting out