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    Cross tables

      Hi All


      I love the new format of QlicSense, and look forward to using it.  I have been using the CrossTable report format quite intensively in Version 11, but now I cannot find out how to create such tables in QS.  Ie, it should create the 'PivotTable' output of Excel. Any suggestions?


      So,  want a table that looks like this:


      City      Q1    Q2    Q3

      Sydney  23    43    42

      Durban  78    21    39


      This should be generated from a table with fields"City", "Quarter", "Sales"




      Danie Wium

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          Miguel Angel Baeyens de Arce

          Hi Daniel,

          You can always use the table object in Qlik Sense then use a condition with If() for example to get each quarter in its own column.


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              Alice Cavallo

              Hello Miguel,


              can you share your solution for creating a cross table visualization?

              I need the rows on my cross table to be sum of fields (each row a sum of a Boolean field (0/1) of my data set) and the columns are subsets of the data set over where the sum needs to happen. I have a flat data set with several fields, but as an example of the few I need for this summary cross tab:

              bo_admitflag bo_enrolledflag date_admit   enroll_year

              1                     1                       12.01.2015  2016


              the rows and columns on the cross tables would be

                                              sum(bo_admitflag) for previous EOF  sum(enrolledflag) for previous EOY  Sum(bo_adm..) YTD .




              See attached image of the kind of cross table I need.

              The Qlik Sense desktop table chart allows me to create the aggregate functions but there are only columns on it; The pivot chart does not allow me to create aggregation expression as row only measures. I thought it would be easy, but I am struggling; I am  new on Qlik.  Thanks, Alice


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              Sean Donovan

              Hi Daniel,


              For importing Crosstables:

              The Crosstable file wizard does not exist at this time for version 0.96, but the Crosstable command is compatible in the Qlik Sense script editor.  For the time being, you can copy and paste your Crosstable script from QlikView 11 to Sense, and it should load with no problems.


              For presenting Crosstables:

              The solution that Miguel Angel Baeyens presented using the IF() condition for each measure in a table object will work.  Another alternative is using set analysis if you want your table to not be affected by what the user selects in the quarter field.