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    include in sense desktop

    xia ZHU

      I use often « include »  in edit scrip of Qlikview 11.2. But I don’t find it in sense desktop. Do it exist always in sense desktop or it is replaced by anything else.



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          You can use include same as in QlikView as the Script can be resued in QlikSense, just make sure to check the relative Path maybe changed

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            xia ZHU


            thanks for your reply.

            i test it, and it works perfectly.


            In fact In qlikview 11.2, i can find the menu like thismenu top edit script.png.


            menu low .png


            but i don't find these in qlikview sense.

            if i understand, in spite of these don't exist in data load editor of qlikview sense, but i can always use these functions like "include", "binary"," LOAD * INLINE " etc.......

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                Yes, there is no GUI Function to do this in QlikSense, but the script functions working fine.

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                    xia ZHU

                    OK perfectly, i have a easy way to migrate my script from qlikview to qlikview sense(just copy and paste). but for the sheet how can i do. i have tried copy paste the object, but it dosen't work. so i should develop completely my application qlikview?

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                        You can easiely drop your QVW file into QlikSense and the script will be migrated, the visualiztion has to be redone, as there are the differences between QlikView and QlikSense

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                            xia ZHU

                            it is great, i just do a test, il works finely. But will qliktech provide a tool for help migrate the part of visualization in the futur?

                            and if is function "fastchange"  exist in qlikview sense?

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                                Wallace Chen

                                Hi Xia,


                                Please note QlikView, QlikSense are two different products, have a look fromQlik Sense Support FAQ


                                Can I copy my QlikView 11 documents (qvw) to Qlik Sense Desktop?

                                Yes, but only limited parts (script) of your QlikView 11 documents will be able to convert into the Qlik Sense app (qvf) format.

                                And there is also a tutorial from our resource Qlik Sense Desktop - Converting a QlikView Data Model (video)


                                If you are visiting from mainland of China, I am not sure if you can review the tutorial through youtube, but hope above can solve most of your doubts when you are trying to convert QlikView application to QlikSense.

                                You can use the old script, but for interface UI the best recommendation is redesign.

                                By the way, I didn't see fast change exist in Qlik Sense.  




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                                    John Trigg

                                    There is no direct equivalent at this point for 'Fast Change' in Sense.  But have you played with the 'Convert' option when you drop one visualization on top of an existing one?  Try this


                                    1. Define a table with several columns, measures (at least two) & dimensions on a sheet

                                    2. Drag a scatter plot on to the sheet and directly on top of the table defined in one (ensure you hit the table and not a space adjacent to it).

                                    3. You will be presented with an option to either replace or convert the table to the scatter plot. Choose CONVERT.

                                    4. The table becomes a scatter plot.  Check out the list of dimensions & measures. Even if no longer used, those elements defined in the original table are retained.

                                    5. Now drag a pie chart onto the scatter plot - same exercise.  Again choose CONVERT. Again check out the dimensions & measures

                                    6. Now drag a table back onto the pie chart and choose CONVERT.  See that all of the original dimensions & measures are retained


                                    Of course all of that is done in EDIT mode, a concept similar to Fast Change from the view perspective is on the roadmap.

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                                      xia ZHU

                                      thanks for this infomation.