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    How to create a cumulative percentage by month ?

      Hi everyone,


      This is my first post on the qlik community


      I try to have the percentage of buyers of a product vs a set of product ({<Product=p(ProductParent)>}) cumulative by month


      if it was not cumulative, i could use this function. : =sum(buyer)/sum({<Product=p(ProductParent)>}buyer)



      Exemple with only 2 Months

      January : 3 buyers vs 5 in total

      February : 7 buyers vs 15 in total


      i would like to have a table with

      January 60% (3/5)

      February 50% ((3+7)/(5+15))


      At the end, i should be able to select any range of Months.

      Do you have an Idea how to proceed ?


      For information:

      I put Month variable in Dimension of my table but i don't think is a good idea.

      I try to modify SetExpression but it seems it applies to all the table and not just on the Month category.


      I can't create all possibilitites of cumulative Months

      But maybe can I create a calculated dimension which represents cumulative Month ? ==> but i don't know how to proceed



      Thank you for your answers.