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    Atomic Punk - Periodic Table

    Evan Kurowski

      ...of the Elements


      It has been pleasant to cross verify the atomic weight calculations against some websites actually dedicated to chemistry and find the calculations are testing accurate deep into the 99's.


      However, an ongoing issue has been how to format the period tables within some of the QlikView objects.  Though they have managed to be worked into a text box and pivot table, it has been a lot of R&D for working out the best system of selecting compounds and elements and displaying the result back.


      What would be your thoughts on how to create an asymmetrical selection palette like the Periodic Table of the Elements?  Something that specifically is supposed to be rigidly formatted and preserve blankspace. (I'm after a kind of steam-punk look & feel throughout, so extra props to anyone who adds stylization ideas to their response). Any thoughts?

      Hey, I'm happy to report the system is working against compounds that have more than 20,000 atoms!