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    Month- Number

      Hi All,


      How can i call a number based on the month i.e. if month is January ,number should be 1, similarly if the month is Feburary ,number should be 2 and so on.



      Anurag Gupta

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          Phaneendra Kunche

          Assuming you have month field in your data model.

          easiest way is to add a inline table and do a left join to your calendar.  or try using "Master Calendar script" which you can find it in community.



          LOAD * INLINE [

             Month, MonthSort

              January, 1

              February, 2

              March, 3

              April, 4

              May, 5

              June, 6

              July, 7

              August, 8

              September, 9

              October, 10

              November, 11

              December, 12


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            Sean Donovan

            Hi Anurag,


            Here is a sample master calendar script if you would like to incorporate this in your application:



            LET vDateMin = Num(MakeDate(2000,1,1));

            LET vDateMax = Num(MakeDate(2001,12,31));

            LET vDateToday = Num(Today());





            $(vDateMin) + RowNo() - 1 AS DateNumber,

            Date($(vDateMin) + RowNo() - 1) AS TempDate

            AUTOGENERATE 1

            WHILE $(vDateMin)+IterNo()-1<= $(vDateMax);





            Date(TempDate) AS [Calendar Date],



            // Standard Date Objects

            Day(TempDate) AS CalendarDayOfMonth,

            WeekDay(TempDate) AS CalendarDayName,

            Week(TempDate) AS CalendarWeekOfYear,

            Month(TempDate) AS Month,

            num(Month(TempDate)) AS MonthNum,

            Num(Num(Year(TempDate))&if(Num(Month(TempDate))<10,0)&Num(Month(TempDate)))  as CalendarYYYYMM,

            'Q' & Ceil(Month(TempDate)/3) AS CalendarQuarter,

            Year(TempDate) AS Year,



            // Calendar Date Names

            WeekName(TempDate) as CalendarWeekNumberAndYear,

            MonthName(TempDate) as CalendarMonthAndYear,

            QuarterName(TempDate) as CalendarQuarterMonthsAndYear,



            // Start Dates

            DayStart(TempDate) as CalendarDayStart,

            WeekStart(TempDate) as CalendarWeekStart,

            Date(MonthStart(TempDate)) as CalendarMonthStart,

            Date(MonthStart(AddMonths(TempDate,-12))) as CalendarMonthStartSTLY,

            QuarterStart(TempDate) as CalendarQuarterStart,

            YearStart(TempDate) as CalendarYearStart,



            // End Dates

            DayEnd(TempDate) as CalendarDayEnd,

            WeekEnd(TempDate) as CalendarWeekEnd,

            MonthEnd(TempDate) as CalendarMonthEnd,

            QuarterEnd(TempDate) as CalendarQuarterEnd,

            YearEnd(TempDate) as CalendarYearEnd,



            // Combo Date Examples

            'Q' & Ceil(Month(TempDate)/3) & '/' & Year(TempDate) AS CalendarQuarterAndYear,

            Year(TempDate) & '/' & 'Q' & Ceil(Month(TempDate)/3) AS CalendarYearAndQuarter,

            'Wed ' & DayStart(WeekStart(TempDate) + 3) as CalendarWednesdays


            RESIDENT TempCalendar ORDER BY TempDate ASC;


            DROP TABLE TempCalendar;

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              Victor Castillo

              Try this:    date(num(Ex_date),'DD/MM/YYYY')

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                jagan mohan rao appala

                Hi Anurag,


                Try like this




                Match(MonthName, 'January', 'February', 'March', 'April', 'May', 'June', 'July', 'August', 'September', 'October', 'November', 'December')

                FROM Data;


                Note: Replace MonthName with your actual field name.




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                    Shantanu Sardar

                    Hi Jaghan,

                    I hope all the functionalty of sense will worj in qlikview I am right?Thanks in advance


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