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    Sybase Connection String

    Paul Routledge

      Can anyone advise on the best approach for specifying a Sybase connection string.


      When using Oracle OLEDB drivers I use a connectoin string like


      SET ConnectString='[Provider=OraOLEDB.Oracle;Data Source=(TNS_NAMES_ENTRY)] (XUserId is X, XPassword is Y)';


      OLEDB CONNECT TO $(ConnectString);


      Where TNS_NAMES_ENTRY is the filkl specification for Oracle as it might appear in a tnsnames.ora file.


      This does not require any other settings on the server, no tnsnames.ora file no entries in the Windows ODBC administrator.


      I want to do something similar for Sybase Adaptive Server 15.7 using ODBC. Again I would prefer to not have a sybase sql.ini file that needs maintaining and do not want to set up a DSN in Windows ODBC Administrator.