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    How to Add Tabs Within the Single Tab in Qv?

    khasimvali shaik


            How to Add Tabs within the single Tab?

      How to deploy UAT Application to Production?

      anybody can explain with screen shots?


      I am Adding Sample Excel file In this file showing like Domain, Domaon1,Domain2,Domain3 and also DomainKPI1 DomainKPI2 DomainKPI3 DomainKPI4  , Domain2KPI1   Domain2KPI2   Domain2KPI3  Domain2KPI4  ,   Domain3KPI1  Domain3KPI2  Domain3KPI3  Domain3KPI4


      In Application i wanna Select Domain will show    DomainKPI1    DomainKPI2     DomainKPI3    DomainKPI4

                                                     Domain 1     Show  Domain2KPI1   Domain2KPI2   Domain2KPI3  Domain2KPI4

                                                    Domain 2    Show   Domain3KPI1  Domain3KPI2  Domain3KPI3  Domain3KPI4  On the top of the Applocation

      and in Sample Application i wanna add Tabs Under Main Tab



                     my Requirement not like that i am sharing my screenShot in this Screen Under Call Management i wanna add another sheet,

      Now if select one tab only show pertecular tab