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    Do Variables exist within Qlik Sense?

    Oktay Pamuk

      Variables enable great opportunities, however, I couldn't find them in Qlik Sense?

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          Michael Tarallo

          Hi Oktay - yes they exist - but through the use of the Data Load Editor only. You can also reference the variable when when defining a measure and dimension in the master library.


          UPDATE: 6/22/2016 - they can NOW also be added in the variable editor interface, NOW part of Qlik Sense: Qlik Sense - Variables Interface (video) - ( updating this for those that come across it when browsing the forums. )


          If you need an example please let me know.


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              Phaneendra Kunche

              As Michael mentioned they do exists in Sense. Only way to define them is by using Load Script editor. There is no way you can define them through UI, like we can do it in qlikview. But i think this is in their road map to provide this in future.


              Also one thing i have noticed, variables are not auto populating when you start typing them in UI. For example in a text box once you type equal sign "=" and start typing the variable name, usually it should populate the names like it does in qlikview. this is not happening in QS 1.0

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                David Dumas

                Hi Michael,


                Will the new version of Sense allow the import of externally defined variables directly, as Master Library Items?


                I define all my measures in an excel file, complete with set analysis, etc. That has proved invaluable on projects.  I know that these can be imported as variables (I do mine via a loop in script from the excel file), but was hoping that I would not have to add them one by one as Master Library Items.



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                Josh Campbell

                Yes. As others have mentioned you must use the Data Load Editor to set those variables and unfortunately you cannot set variables with UiX, etc. But I use variables for things like 'Previous Year' and 'Current Year' setting those up at the time of data load. Then I can use those in Set Analysis with my visualizations, measures, etc.