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    XML files for tasks that don't exist in QVS?

    Friedrich Hofmann


      I have now developed a QlikView-app to visualize the reload_structure we have on the
      QlikViewServer - all the apps we have, either set for updating in specified time_intervals
      or running one after another.
      We do that by loading all the xml_files saved in the "QlikViewServer\Tasks" directory with
      the HIERARCHY prefix.
      <=> There is one problem and I hope that someone here may be able to help me:
      It seems that there are xml_files for a number of tasks the files for which don't exist
      anymore. They are marked as "enabled", too, so in the script we could not filter those out.
      => Now, we have to filter those tasks one_by_one on the GUI.

      <=> I am not too familiar with these xml_files, we only use a handful of fields.
      Is there any possibility to filter out those outdated tasks?
      (One possible way would be to use a loop to parse through all the directories we want
      to include, assemble a list of files and filter out data for tasks wherever no file of
      that name is found <=> Is there any easier way?)

      Thanks a lot!
      Best regards,