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    Find version of QlikView installed



      I am creating an MS Installer and need to know which version of QlikView is installed in the target windows machine, Can any body tell me ways to do this....


      I am using Window Installer Search but i requires component ID (a GUID) but it seems to different for all the versions...


      How can i use Register Search or File Search to figure out the version of QV installed...




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          Tharindu Ranathunge

          Hi Bhupesh,

          Your problem is not clear to me. Is this what u want?



          Open Qlikview-> Help-> About Qlikview




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            Mohammed Ashfaq Ali



            Open new qlikview file and write this in textbox






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              Sorry guys, i think i need to explain little bit more...

              I am creating a Microsoft Installer using VS2010 IDE for windows 7, now during installation i want to know first if the QlikView is installed and second which version of the QV is installed.


              Now MSI (Mircosoft Installer) provides three way to find it:

              1) Searching All the installers installed to the target machine(i.e. the machine on which the Installer will be running)

              2) Searching the registry for installation

              3) Looking for the file on the harddrive on the target machine


              Now Option (1) I have use, but it seems to work with a Component ID (which is a GUID) and it seem for different version of QVs, this Component Id is different... so i can only target the latest one and the previous ones not the upcoming ones...


              Now my Question is using option (2) or (3) how can we find out which Version of QV is installed on the target machine.