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    How can you use the SAP Query w/o generating a list of queries first


      We want to use the SAP Query connector but get stuck immediately on the following :

      When we push the "Search Button"in the SAP queries Bbutton, we get nothing or a time out as a result. Monitoring the sap processes learns that the Query connector starts opening all queries in the system ( which is in our SAP system with 3000+ users a lot), even if you specify th exact query you want.  I it encounters a corrupt query ( we can not avaoid that there are....) the proces dumps in SAP, and we get no result.

      My question is:

      1. How can we directly go to the right query without scanning through all of them.
      2. Or, alternatively, how can we limit the list.
      3. Is there some one who can explain how to script the extraction of a query, so that we can do it manually ( if that is doable)


      Answers would be greatly appreciated