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    Interbase 64 bit


      Hi all

      I have search nearly everywherem but i still haven't found "the one".

      We still have an old system for counting visitors at every entrance. Unfortunately the database is an old Interbase. So far i still havent found a driver that supports 64bit (QV server is 64 bit - but Interbase does only support 32 bit). Everytime I think i might have found the holy grail, it only takes me a few minutes to conclude that this does not work either.

      Does any of you have a work around for pulling these data? Or you might know where a 64 driver can be found?



        • Interbase 64 bit

          Hi Martin,

          There is a way to use your 32-bit ODBC driver on a 64-bits operating system. But I don't know if there is a 64-bit driver available yet. I'm not very sure about this but I think an old (32-bit) Interbase database only supports 32-bits drivers. We have the same problem accesing one of or DB's, but luckyly I can use a 32 bits driver and the advantage is that the reload can receive 4GB (instead of 2GB or 3GB) because of the 64-bits operating system. There is also a 32-bits ODBC management console available in a 64 bits operating system, you can find it here: \WINDOWS\SysWOW64\odbcad32.exe.

          I think you should copy your 32-bit driver dll files to the same (SYSWO64) directory. After this you can use a register script (reg file) with contents like these:

          Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
          "Driver Name"="Installed"

          For the exact content you can look at the standard register structure of your 32 bit driver on a 32 bit operating system.
          Good luck!

          regards Mark

            • Interbase 64 bit
              Sander Polman

              Hi Martin,

              As Mark says, it isn't a problem to use a 32bit ODBC driver on a 64bit OS. When you create .qvd's from your data before loading it into your end-application performance will not be affected.

              If a .msi installer is provided with the driver, hacking like Mark's script should not be necessary.. After installation the 32bit ODBC source isn't visible in your standard 64bit ODBC admintool, you should use the 32bit ODBC admintool instead. You can find this at C:\WINDOWS\SysWOW64\odbcad32.exe..

              If you are planning to use Publisher to pull data through a 32bit ODBC connection mind using the 32bit Publisher!!!

              Regards, Sander