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    Order by & Only

      Hi All,


      If I have say a date column and client no and other columns (client number duplicated). To extract the last transaction made by a client, can I say order by then use "Only" for each line that I am uploading?





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          Angad Singh

          You should use group by




          date(max(date)) as DateColumn

          resident TableName

          group by client_no;




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            Prashant Sangle



            You can use FirstSortedValue() function in script which is aggregated function

            then Use Group By in Where Clause.


            You have to write all fields in Group by clause which you are not using in aggregated function.

            Or you can use Only() to avoid that field to write in Group By clause


            Your expression like this





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                Thanks for this,


                The group by clause; I am guessing assumes that for each client all the other columns that are being grouped by will have identical values?


                My data is such that I have a client no, date column, and other fields which for each client may not be consistent.


                For example lets say I have 4 entries for one client. Client no column will be the same for these 4, date column will be the same hence the max function which is fine, columns c to h may all be different for the 4 different transactions. When I do a group by using all the columns not included in the aggregation, I am still getting 4 columns back and I am assuming this is because of the differences in columns c to h?


                How do I come up with one row for each client, purely based on the client no and picking up the max date, and what line corresponds with that max date?