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    Calculate Time Interval on the Basis of Logic b/w 2 Timestamps


      Hi Community


      I am referring below thread to fulfill my requirement:

      Re: Calculate hours between two Date/Time strings


      But got stuck inbetween my Logic.



      1) I have an Excel which has Start Time & End Time against Part Number. So, for these cases I have to  calculateTime Interval on the basis of their defined Window. For some Part Numbers, it will work from Mon-sat or Mon-Fri or All 7 Days  as per the defined window.


      Also, need to exclude Holidays.


      2) Those cases, which are not in excel calculate their Time Interval on the basis of Flags:

      If Flag is CDE than consider Mon-Sat - 9:30 - 18:00

      If Flag is AB than consider Mon-Fri - 9:00 - 17:30








      Desired Output:

      Desired Output.png


      Also,see the Attachments.