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    Incremental Load without using Qvd

    Venkat Vemula

      Hello folks,


      how to do incremental load without using qvds?


      if i have 4 independent tables need to do increment load what is the simplest way to acheive it?


      sorry if my question is foolish....


      Thanks in Advance.




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          Jonathan Dienst



          Do you understand what incremental load is? I suggest that you read the QV reference manual - it has a good explanation.


          Perhaps you are looking for a partial load. This allows you to add to or replace individual tables in your data model without reloading all the tables. Partial load uses the ADD and REPLACE modifiers on the load statement that will affect the loading when a partial load is requested (from the desktop client, server task option or command line switch).




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            jagan mohan rao appala

            Hi Venkat,


            You can implement Incremental loading by using CSV or Txt file also.  We need to store previous data somewhere to implement Incremental Loading, for this QVD is the best choice, because the loading is around 100X times faster when compared to Database or other sources.  In QVD we will store the past data and during reload we will get only the latest data from Source and concatenates this to the previous data in QVD.


            Hope this explanation helps you.




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              Mark O'Donovan

              Hi Venkat,


              Depending on the size of the tables it might be worth having a look at the buffer statement if you want something simple:


              For example:

              buffer (incremental) LOAD * FROM MyLog.log;


              This creates a qvd file for you.


              Have a look in the qlikview desktop help for more details.