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    Formula Help

    Robert Galloni

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      I have created a Qlikview app but ran into an issue with rolling up totals based on a dimension. Here is a snapshot of the app and the expressions I am using. What I am looking to do is roll up the totals for each distinct dimension.


      I have two expressions pulling from the same table, one that pulls the positive number as sales and the second to pull the negative numbers as credits. What I need to do is roll up the numbers based on a second dimension. for example: Instead of seeing all of the transactions for 3Fish I would only see the total of sales and the total of credits.


      Sales: sum(if(Total_Merchandise_Dollars >=1, Total_Merchandise_Dollars) - (Total_Other_Pricing))

      Credits: sum(if(Total_Merchandise_Total <=0, Total_Merchandise_Dollars) - (Total_Other_Pricing))


      Any assistance is greatly appreciated.