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    Converting a SQL code to something useful in Qlikview script

    espen skeie



      I have a code that pull data from SQL, and I need to convert it to something that will work in qlikview script. Here is the SQL code:


      M18 as
      select distinct log_opportunityid,
      createdon = max(createdon),
      month = dateadd(m,datediff(m,0,dateadd(m,-18,getdate())),0)
      from [dbo].[Filteredlog_salesstagetracking] as t1
      where createdon < dateadd(m,datediff(m,0,dateadd(m,-17,getdate())),0)
      group by log_opportunityid


      And this is what I have managed so far, but there's some stuff missing, like the mac(t1.createdon) stuff.....


      // Max(createdon) as createdon,   //Error when this code is active...
        Num(MonthStart(addmonths(today(),-18))) as Month
      FROM [..............Filteredlog.qvd] (qvd)
      Where createdon < MonthStart(Addmonths(today(),-17));



      Kind regards