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    Checking source file for correct field names before load

      Hi I am have a check on a source file - if it has all the fields with the correct names, instead of the error window popping out I want to custom handle it. I have an existing QVD file so I am trying to match the field names of the source file with the ones existing in the QVD one by one and in the end record all the fields that are missing or have wrong names.


      For this I am trying to use a For Each loop, which errors out :


      For i = 0 TO NoOfFields('QVDTable') - 1

      IF FieldName($(i), Table) = FieldName($(i), QVDTable) THEN

      LET vFieldCount = 0;


      LET vFieldCount = 1;


      NEXT i


      [Table] is loaded from the source file and [QVDTable] is loaded from the QVD.


      Please help.