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    Visual Cue help needed



      I have the following pivot chart:



      It has 2 dimensions (StaffMember & Date) , the expression is a sum(hours).


      My problems is the following:


      1. I have a table with every date of the year and the minimum hours is captured in it (public holidays & weekend days is marked with 0 hours), i need the dimension(date) at the top to display in blue, then any days with 0 hours needs to be a different colour.


      2. My minimum hours per day worked is captured per staff member in a seperate table, i need a visual cue that can take the hours from the table then display change the colour of the values that is smaller than the minimum.

      Eg: Member 1 is 7 hours per day, Member 2 is 8 hrs, Member 3 is 7 and Member 4 is 8., which means on the 30/11/2014 both the 5 & 6 should be in red


      Any help will be much appreciated, all my efforts for the above has been null. I have tried running it in the visual cue tab, then i can only use one value to change colour (eg anything smaller than 8) and the date colour change i managed but then i have to select click the date field to change it colour

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          Jonathan Dienst



          Click the + next to the your chart expression (in the Properties | Expression dialog), and then enter the condition in the Text Color box. You would need something like:


               If(Sum(hours) = 0, LightGray(), If(Sum(hours) < MinimumHours, LightRed()))


          Where MinimumHours is the staff member's minimum daily hours.


          To set the header to display in blue, you will need to use custom formats.To set a custom format, turn on the design grid (View | Design Grid). Then right click on the header line and select Custom Format Cell.