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    Content libraries access

    Pascal THEUROT



      I've some trouble to access content libraries from the hub.

      I can access the "Default library" but not the custom's ones.

      I use a specific user "easyneo\pat".

      I've tried a lot of security associations and even created different content library with different users without success.


      1 - content library creation

      03-11-2014 18-48-58.jpg

      2 - security rules association (in the content library security rules)

      (I've also tried the security rules creation from the "security rules" tab)

      03-11-2014 18-40-21.jpg

      control for the specific user :

      03-11-2014 18-40-42.jpg

      3 - content access from the hub

      Access from the hub to insert images : Only the default content library is displayed :

      03-11-2014 18-53-10.jpg

      Any idea ?