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    Drilldown on Maps

    Serhat Oezsarac



      we are experiencing the following problem:

      We have a map including a lot of poits (much as the map is able to display). So I always have the message the map is not showing all data.

      I would like to use someting like a drilldown to the map. I would like Qlik Sense to display one point per Country (maybe in different sizes depending on the count of suppliers per country). And I want it to display the suppliers after a country is selected.

      The same thing seems to work fine with other diagramms.


      We already made a second table with ne country names and geopoints (middle of each country) and joined this to the supplier table and made a drill down dimension including country and supplier. The Map still tries to display all suppliers at the beginning instead of showing only one bubble for a country.


      We also could not find any exaples for the function "GeoAggrGeometry", may this help us?

      Has anyone an idea?




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          Michael Tarallo

          Hello Serhat - at the moment this is how the mapping function works. This will be improved upon in future releases. I will show this to our Product Management team and have them respond if feasible,




          Mike Tarallo


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            Robert Weber

            GeoAggrGeometry can be used to aggregate a number of areas into a larger area. I have used GeoAggrGeometry  in combination with group by. So you can aggregate the areas.

            How can I explain the function of GeoAggrGeometry in a simple way? Well, I have created two KML-files and each file includes two polygons. The polygons in the first KML-file overlap and the polygons in the second KML-file are appropriate. When the polygons are appropriate you can’t see any problem in Qlik Sense but when the polygons overlap you will see an error of the depiction.




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                Jonathan Dau

                Hi guys, good to know that you're able to manipulate the GeoAggrGeometry() function with Qliksense.

                On my side I have been trying to use this function sometimes with success and sometimes without.


                I was able to create different maps with different levels of aggregation, let say Department/Region/Super Region and suddenly I am not able to reload the app anymore and it's like killing the machine I am working on.


                I am including the piece of script I use and I thought you guys could probably see what's going wrong there. FYI I am trying to load different tables GeoPoint1, GeoPoint2, GeoPoint3, I could also chose to join them but I haven't done it yet.


                Hope you can help.


                Thanks very much.



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                    Jonathan Dau

                    Ok sorry guys, in fact the script had a small issue and I could load correctly my different aggregated areas.

                    Thanks Robert for your explanation on your blog, it was really useful.


                    Now I would like to know if it's possible to build a Drill Down Group using the areas that we display in the Map. So that we can actually Drill Down by clicking on a particular area in the Map.


                    If you guys know a trick please share.