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    Frontend performance tunning on access point ,best practices.

    Swarup Malli



      Lately one of our dashboards has been very slow in responding.

      I tried to fix it by doing the following:


      1) Allocating more RAM on the QV server

      2) Allocating more CPU power


      Unfortunately response time hasn't improved much, its still very slow. Even though the RAM  and CPU usage is not even 50% .


      On  further investigation ,found


      1) Lately the app has been dealing with more data ( since it was deployed) i.e. more records.

      2) There are certain charts and tables that are taking a while to load ,because they are try to display all the data.

      3) I feel a lot of network bandwidth is being utilized because of this.



      Did the following testing on my desktop:


      1) Reload speed is acceptable .

      2) The response time is fast ( problem starts when user tries to access it on access point ,the response is slower than molasses going uphill in arctic winter conditions )


      Would the following workarounds work:



      1) Move the calculations done by the expressions in  the chart to the backend ( script editor)

      2) Limit the number of rows displayed by the chart

      3) By using a condition in the chart were the user is forced to make a selection to see corresponding data on the chart, till then chart doesn't display anything.



      As many QV developers must have faced these kind of scenarios at some point ,I was hoping to get some pointers from you guys to performance tune my dashboards.