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    Pie chart functionalities


      Good Morning,

      I'm prototyping some Sense dashboard since september. I've noticed a different behaviour between my Sense Desktop installation and other colleagues one, that installed Sense Dashboard during almost last month. If I go with the mouse over a pie chart, a "button" appears to enlarge it:

      Senza nome.png

      Furthermore with a right click I'm able to export data and create a snapshot. Same QVF, my colleagues doesn't get same behaviour. If they get over the chart nothing happens, but with a right click here's what they get:

      Senza nome3.png

      Also, if I go over every section a pop-up appears with data summary:

      Senza nome2.png

      To get same pop-up my colleagues must click onto a section (in this case activating selection mode on the chart).


      Furthermore during your yesterday's event in Milan I've noticed that you corrected the translations of "Condividi" to "Share", but this correction isn't available in last Sense Desktop version, as you can notice in 3rd image.


      Could you explain those behaviours differences ? The interesting thing is that I'd uninstalled Sense and reinstalled with latest version and nothing has changed !!!


      Thanks in advance.