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    Extracting from DB datasource will incorrectly format fields.

      Currently I am extracting the Item Master table via SQL from our Oracle DB.  The PN field when extracted is being stored incorrectly.  An example would be that we have PNs 00001, 01 and 1.0000.  In the source tables they all show that way.  When I extract from QlikView, it is storing all 3 PNs as 00001.  This is happening with several "like" PNs and isn't following any logic. I could understand that if QLik thought the Part Number field was a number it would read every field as "1".  But it's like QlikView is doing a data cleanse and assuming that these all should be 00001.  Has anyone seen this before? This doesn't seem to be limited to only one data source. I have seen this extracting from the Oracle OBIEE warehouse, Oracle EBS DB and Microsoft SQL server.




      SQL Results via SQL Editor



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