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    Section Access reducing Locally, but not for Users on Access Point

    Paul Munoz

      I'm using NTNAME for Section Access, but I'm having issues with USER permissions for the Access Point.


      Locally everything is working as expected. I can set various levels of permissions and the file opens up with the reduced information.


      The file reloads on the QMC without issue with the server name included in the SA admin list.


      When set to ADMIN permissions or I uncheck strict Exclusion, the Access Point will open the file with no reduction as expected.


      When I use any USER level permissions for the Access Point the user no longer has the permissions to open the application, but can still open the QVW on their desktop with the appropriate data reduction. I've added a text object with OSUser() to make sure that the NTNAME was matching on the Access Point, which it is in lower case.


      It seems to be able to determine I'm an ADMIN based off my NTNAME on the Access Point. If I change my permissions to a USER it will locally reduce the data. Given that it seems to both be able to verify my NTNAME successfully on the Access Point and can locally reduce the data by the appropriate Section Access, I'm confused why it can't reduce the data on the Access Point for a USER.


      Can't attach the code for PII, but this was the SA section at the very beginning of the file,


      LOAD upper(ACCESS) as ACCESS,

                upper(NTNAME) as NTNAME,

                upper(AUTHID) as %AUTHID

      FROM [QVD PATH] (qvd) Where 1 = 1;


      ...rest of script


      Added Where 1=1 to avoid QVD Optimization that I read could interfere with Section Access.

      %AUTHID was just a composite key of two fields that I bridged with another table. Verified locally that this is functioning fine with the successful Section Access reductions.