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    How to make the page center?

    Zhou Dz

      Hello everyone,


      I visit the qlikview demo  page and find a demo called OEE Analysis. And I find a qar file named CenterDiv.qar.  I think may be this can make the page center. But how to use this file?  I double click the file but show nothing.


      Who can help me and tell me what can I do next?




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          Josh Good

          Hi Zhou,


          This is a document extension.  Extract the QAR and then open the QVW you want use it on in QlikView Developer.  Go to Setting -> Document Properties -> Extensions and add the extension to your app.  Save the app.


          You also need to copy the extension to your server environment.  By default the extensions will be in C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\QlikTech\QlikView\Extensions\Document


          Copy the folder with the extension in it to your server putting it in C:\ProgramData\QlikTech\QlikViewServer\Extensions\Objects (this is the default location).


          Copy the QVW to your server.  Now when you open it using the AJAX client the extension should work.




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              Zhou Dz

              Hi Josh,


              Thank you for your quickly answer. I have solved my problem.

              I notice extension these days.  There are lots of demands needs extension. But I can't find more documents or references through the cummunity.

              As you are in Qlik expert, could you please give me some resources about extension?

              Thans again.




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              Gabriel Rocha



              This CenterDiv.qar is a Qlikview Extension. If you've double clicked on it, it should have oppened qlikview and showed a message that some components were installed.


              In order to use it, you need to go into the extension configuration page Settings > Document Properties > "Extensions" tab) and Add the CenterDiv extension to your document.


              It will not work on developement mode, just on WebView mode (View > "Turn on/off WebView").

              To work on your server, you will need to copy to your server envoironment.


              This extension will be saved by default on this folder:



              To learn more about extensions, take a look at this page:





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                ISHFAQUE AHMED

                Dear Zhou,


                Go to Extension CSS file and add/change these settings for center align.


                There are so many ways to align content, but here I recommended you these two ways, have a look.


                1. Body center align


                body {



                          margin:0px auto;



                2. Div center align


                div {






                div {



                          margin:0px auto;




                Kind regards,

                Ishfaque Ahmed

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                  Lokesh Patel

                  I have created an app with 4 tabs and I want to keep the entire document in centre. Just like the Qlikview Demo mentioned in the original post.


                  What I have tried so far?

                  I have tried 2 different extenssions.. 'CenterDiv' And 'CenterAlign'


                  • This extension is working fine on local machine in 'WebView' Mode. Which is fine with me.
                  • I have installed the extension on the server and I have applied this extension in the same application on that server.

                  When I open that application on browser via access-point. it does not align anything to centre. (Everything stays where it was)


                  My Question

                  How can I keep the all the application in centre on the browser?


                  Thank you.