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    TOTAL with relative volume

    Diwakar Nahata

      Hi All,


      I have a cyclic group of Country,State,Category etc. and i have a Volume metric, and a Volume Share metric (which is the Volume made relative)  shown. This is shown in a scatter chart, Volume Vs Share.

      Now,consider that i have Countries shown in the Cyclic group, and when i select a few points (Countries) from the scatter chart, the share is not calculated based on all the Countries, but is recalculated based on the selected countries. So, if 2 points are selected, then the share would come out to be say 40% and 60% which is the relative share of the two countries, and not amongst the whole.

      The expected behaviour is to show a zoom in functionality, and the actual % should not change with Selection of Countries, but should vary with other selections.

      I tried using expressions like =sum(Volume)/sum(TOTAL Volume) but even that behaves the same way, and the denominator is affected by the selection of Countries in the Scatter Plot.

      Let me know how this can be achieved in QlikView.