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    Compare two time periods

    Barb Williams



      I need to ask for assistance with how to create script for comparing two time periods. Here's what I'm hoping to do...


      I would like the end user to be able to select what data comparisons they need to see. Here are examples of some of the comparisons the end user may want to do:


      1) Compare cost for "Q2 for Y1" to "Q1 for Y1" (i.e. Q2 2014 in one column and Q1 2014 in another column)

      2) Compare "Q2 for Y1" to "Q2 for Y2" (i.e. Q2 2014 in one column and Q2 2013 in another column)

      3) Compare two consecutive months.

      4) Compare a month between two years

      5) Compare 6 months from one year to 6 months from another year


      Basically I need to create flexibility where the end user can choose how they look at the data. I can keep it to a few choices if that's easier.


      Critical choices to include:


      1) Consecutive month over month.

      2) Consecutive quarter over quarter

      3) Consecutive year over year

      4) 6 months over previous year's same 6 months.


      Is there standard script that I can add?


      Thank you, thank you, thank you in advance:)