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    Tableau vs Qlik Sense

    Julia Semenenko

      Hello everyone!

      Could someone help me to compare two products: Tableau and Qlik Sence (some technical aspects, methods of analisys, maps etc.)


      Thank in advance!

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          Michael Tarallo

          Hi Julia


          Qlik has 2 products:


          QlikView and Qlik Sense.


          QlikView is our proven flagship product which can deliver customized BI applications (which we call guided analytics) and data visualization capabilities along with the components to scale and manage a BI environment.


          Qlik Sense is our new vision for the next generation of Data Discovery and Self-Service Data Visualization. It to provides data analysis capabilities similar to QlikView but uses a different paradigm for development, design and deployment. It also lends itself to the most novice of users, anyone can use it. We present a weekly getting started Webinar on Thursdays at 2 PM EST - please register if you would like to learn more:


          Updated link Getting started with Qlik Sense Desktop


          In regards to Qlik Sense vs. Tableau - I would suggest you talk to one of our team members so we can identify your needs and fit. You should also contact Tableau and inquire with them, so they can give you a fair and balanced opinion.


          You can see the product immediately in action here:


          New to Qlik Sense Videos


          There is also some similiar posts in the community on this topic here: http://community.qlik.com/message/654024#654024 - if you search for Qlik Sense and Tableau - you should see a few that may help.


          Please mark the appropriate replies as helpful / correct so our team and other members know that your question(s) has been answered to your satisfaction.




          Mike Tarallo


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              Julia Semenenko


              Thank you for replying!


              I'm interested in Qlik Sense so how I can contact someone from your team? I would like to answer this questions:

              1) As I understood Qlik Sense possible to use as a guided analytics (like QlikView) but also as self-service one (like Tableau). But some objects from QlikView skipped in Qlik Sense (as I read it is possible to create them so what knowledge should have developer for it).

              2) Does Qlik Sense provide any APIs, if yes where I can find any examples? 

              3) Is it possible to have real-time analysis (direct connect)?

              4) Qlik Sense geo-functions - how should data look like and possible visualization (probably we also can add our own?)

              5) Qlik Sense has ETL. Tableau not. But is it possible for non-technical user to create a data schema or he also should get 'good data'?

              Thank a lot!

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              Hi Julia, my senior management is looking for  Qliksense vsTableau so as to decide on the product to be used for an upcoming project . It would be really helpful if you could share  the information with me, if you have it.


              Rakhee R C