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    Create a rule on App

    Wagner Morandi

      Hello mto,


      When i create an app without a rule, how can i add a new rule later?


      If i select the app, the menu doesnt show me the window to create, and if i go to security rules and create, i cant say that the rule is for an specific app.


      Can you help me?



        • Re: Create a rule on App
          Michael Tarallo

          Hey Wagner -


          Send me a few screen shots, so I know we are on the same page. If you are logged in to the Hub with an ID that has the ContentAdmin Role (or even a newly created ID) you should be able to create Apps in the My Work Stream, not in any other stream. (A ContentAdmin - can publish Apps to those "other" streams from the QMC).


          Let Me know, I'll send you some sample screens of mine when I get to my machine.