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    How to monitor QV services when something goes wrong.

      Hi Experts,


      Is there any way to monitor QV services ?? My requirement is - If any of the service failed or stuck, I should get an automated email .

      System specifications:

      We are using Windows server 2008 Enterprise edition,


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          Steen Schlüter Persson

          I assume that you already have some monitoring tool(s) in your network so you'll have to set this up to monitor your QV services as well. As a basic rule threy should check that the services are running, but I think it also would be recommended if they could check that the Access Point is actually responding. On our QV servers, we occasionally see that even though the services are running ok, then the Access Point doesn't respond. It's happening to rarely though that we still haven't done so much in terms of trying to monitor this issue.




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            Peter Cammaert

            Check if this discussion may help you: http://community.qlik.com/message/549921#549921

            As you can see, there are external services that can monitor your QlikView services.


            To detect services that are stuck, maybe you should write your own solution. Every QlikView services is ready to talk (XML) when you open the URL that is listed in QMC in your brwoser. A not-so-very-complex PowerShell script can check for the welcome message of each service and send an email whenever some service takes too long to reply.