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    How to use existing CalData.pgo

      We are moving to new server which is pointing to same document repository but server name is different .. We want to shut down old server and use license on new server... New Server has its own pgo files,,,,, Exisitng server QMC shows users who have licnese. Ca nwe use that CalData.pgo file on new server. I know pgo file has old server name? I know users will/can get licnese once they open something from new server,, BUT is it possible to use CalData.pgo on new server?

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          Hi Faisal,


          If you are creating exact copy of old server to new server then follow the below steps -


          If your folder structure is the same on both servers, it's really not all that bad. The following assumes a clean install on your production server (Server2) and all tasks set up on your development server (Server1). Unless you have separate license keys, don't license Server2 yet, because that will attempt to create a cluster and will corrupt your QVPR.

          Step 1: Stop all services on Server2

          Step 2: Rename the QVPR folder on Server2 to something else, and copy the QVPR folder from Server1 to Server2.

          Step 3: Change all references to Server1 in the following files to Server2:


          Step 4: Start all services on Server2 and stop all services on Server1.

          Step 5: License Server2.