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    Qlik Sense - QlikCloud limited number of fields


      Dear All,


      I have uploaded my qlik sense file over the QlikCloud. It's working fine but the issue is that all the fields are not going to be show.


      At a time only 8 fields are visible to the user. If I want to add/show 9th field in an online application then I must be remove one field before to add any one else.


      So, please suggest me the solution as I can show all the table fields in one view. I have near about 20 fields in a table layout.



      Kind regards,

      Ishfaque Ahmed

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          Michael Tarallo

          Hi Ishfaque,


          Can you please upload a screenshot to this thread to see this behavior?


          What you are describing, should not be the case. What I believe you are experiencing is the responsive nature of the chart objects. A table object will automatically size itself per the device / screen it is displayed in. If a number of fields cannot be fit in the table, it will show a expansion button that will allow you to see the other fields?


          Do you see something like this?



          Please let us know.


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          Mike Tarallo