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    Trailing spaces

      I have 2 QVDs which contain the same field (Subledger).  The values in this field consist of 8 total characters.  In most cases it is a 4-digit number followed by 4 empty spaces.  For some reason, when QlikView loads this field from my first QVD, it left-justifies the values.  But when QV pulls in the same value from my second QVD, it right-justifies the value.


      See screenshot:

      Notice that each value is 8 characters long and the '0001' is in the first 4 positions followed by 4 empty spaces.  In the first QVD, the values are generated and intentionally made as text ( text('00'&Trim(UserDefinedCode)&'    ') as Subledger).  The second QVD is a system generated QVD.


      Does anyone know what I can do to make QV treat values from both tables the same?  Hope this question makes sense . . .

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          Michael Solomovich

          Well, by default the text is left-aligned, and the numbers are right-aligned.  You have options:

          1. Use text in both cases

          2. Use number in both cases

          3.  Keep as is, text and number, but change alignment in the table properties.

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            Massimo Grossi

            with a

            load '    ' & '00' & trim(UserDefinedCode) as Subledger inline [




            instead of text('00'&Trim(UserDefinedCode)&'    ') as Subledger

            I get a right aligned '    0001'.

            It should match with your second row.