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    How do I create a Year to Date Measure?

    James Kerrigan

      Hi guys,


      I'm trying to make a couple of Year To Date measures (Month Target & Month Actual) but I'm not sure how to do this. The YTD should be starting from July in the year selected.


      For years I use the field 'Financial Year', for months I use 'Period' (starts in July), and the measures are 'Month Target' and 'Month Actual'.


      There is another field 'MonthYear' which I am able to use if it's easier eg. August in 2012/13 is 'Aug-12', while August in 2013/14 is 'Aug-13'


      If anyone is able to help me solve this that would be amazing!


      Thanks in advance.




      To further explain, I basically want to do what I can do on Excel, but in Qlik Sense.


      qliksense example.png


      So I'm able to select 2013/14, and then select November, and the amount showing is 670.


      Does anyone know how I'm able to do this?