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    Year on year analysis but relative to arbitrary dates in each year

    Nick Todd

      We have a data set that gives us daily energy readings over about 10 years. What the user would like to see is a line chart with a line for each year. But the difficulty is they would like to see readings relative to arbitrary dates in each year. For example, they might want to select Good Friday in each year then see the energy readings for 10 day either side of that. So I'm imagining the Good Fridays would be  'Day zero' on the x-axis and days -10 to +10 either side of that (but the user could choose the window size). I'm struggling to think how I can create a window of -10 to +10 days (say) based on one date in each year.


      Yes, I could set up a table of special dates and include these when loading I want the user to be able to pick any day they would like from each of the years.


      Any suggestions gratefully received.