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    How can i get advanced qlikview knowledge ?

      Hi There I am new to QLikView and i must say it is pretty amazing. Anyway i am used to old MDX B.I style.

      I have worked through the QLikview ELEarning , finished the tutorial and started looking at demo's. However i have so many questions and need advanced knowledge. Especially on scripting and expressions, set analysis etc. I cannot find any books on qlikview, so basically my question is where do i go next ?

      How do i learn more about how to do common mdx stuff like parrallel periods variance , sales over months in QLikview expressions, how do i script a table that has multiple time keys that would normally require multiple dimensions.

      etc etc.

      Any point in the right direction to getting more advanced helpful documentation on QLikview would be geratly appreciated, especially advanced scripting for complex data models and equivalant expressions for common MDX functions.