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    Using Group in the load script like aggr

      Hi there,


      i have a database of objects with certain reoccuring ID's which have fields attached to them.


      I want to load all the entries where Field1 = 'X' and the total number of field2 entries with the value ='D' is bigger than 5.


      I manged to get a list of IDs which match that criteria but i have troubles getting them into my Load Script since i cant use the aggr function there.

      In the LoadScript i used a if to flag all my matches










      * ,
      if (Field2= 'D',1,0) as DTYPE,

      from .......

      And then i reload it using:





      Load *
      Resident F15_merged
      Where Field1 = 'X'

      and (here would probably come something like the expression below);


      In Qlik view i created a ListBox with the expression





      if(aggr(sum(RTYPE), ID)>5,ID)


      Which creates a list of IDs that match my criteria.


      How can i translate that into the Load Script so only the List of IDs above is loaded?


      I figured i have to use group by, but i havent figured out how.


      Can somebody help me?