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    Setting UP NTLM

      Hi, all. I am a newbie here and I just got my hand on QlikView server and installed the software on W2K8 R2. All is working fine. User can login into both MC and AP. I am using NTLM for authentication.


      I want to do 2 things:-

      1. Restrict only certain user can see certain qvw files. I loaded the file into a folder, say, C:\ProgramData\QlikTech\Documents. It seems like I must give EVERYONE access then only users are able to see. But this expose the qvw to even those that I don't want to give access. I did create Group and Individual User but still EVERYONE from the folder level gives all access.
      2. I have used NTNAME for Section Access for a sample report but I can't have the data filtered by user ID. Say I have many countries and I want to filter the people by country which I did in my Section Access, it is not filtering at all. I login as Qlik, it sees everything. When I logged in as American or United, it still shows all.



      LOAD * INLINE [

          ACCESS, NTNAME, Country

          ADMIN, QLIK,*

          USER, UNITED, UK









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          Boris Tyukin

          are you using Publisher? if yes, when you create jobs, you need to select users on Distribute tab and run your job - the QVW then will be secured only to AD users / AD groups you wanted.


          if you do not have publisher, you will need to manually change security properties on your QVWs in AccessPoint folder or the folder where they reside so all QVWs will inherit these permissions.


          Personally I would move from C:\ProgramData\QlikTech\Documents and create a folder someplace just for AccessPoint like on D:\AccessPointDocuments.


          Makes sense?