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    Reason for Scheduling Batch Reload Failure .............?

      Hi all,

      1.What are the possible reasons for the batched getting failed in QMC....?

      2. I have a scenario here were am pulling the data from Oracle Database using ODBC connection.

          --> I have two sets

                  1. Full Reload and

                  2. Increment Load (Loading only the data upon the last changed date. )

      3.For Last Few Days the above mention setup was working fine . In the Recent days the same setup is getting failed.

         In such case of batch failure , I manually reload the batch in the QMC.

         This manually reloaded  batches reloads  successfully. But the problem is after the manually reloaded batch is successful the data is       wrong . So i handle this data discrepancy issue by initiating  the full reload batch.

      Kindly share your knowledge with respect to the above mentioned issue.


      Thanks In Advance.